Taking the long way around

Some Very Inspiring Research

Holistic Scene Understanding: Antonio Torralba
Computer Vision and Visual Perception: Oge Marques
Semantics, Aesthetics and Emotions: Ritendra Datta
Computer Vision for Cooking Activities: Ichiro Ide
Computer Vision for Plant Identification: Pl@ntNet
Computer Vision for Undersea Activity Analysis: Fish For Knowledge

Some Very Inspiring Researchers

Studying Humans through Networks: Duncan Watts
An Open Mind that Makes Impossible Things Possible: Bertrand Piccard (for example the Solar Impulse Plane)
A Life as a Scientist: Rita Levi Montalcini
Taking the Long Way Around: Neil Armstrong
My Mentor at ACM MultiMedia 2012: Klara Nahrstedt
My PhD Thesis Advisor: Bernard Merialdo
My MSc Thesis Advisor (At UC Santa Barbara): BS Manjunath
My MSc Thesis Advisor (At Politecnico di Torino), my First Guide in Image Processing: Gabriella Olmo
My Sister!: Judith Redi